Automating Your Practice Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

Growth Instruments gives you everything you need to expand your sales, automate your deliverables and engage your clients by giving them a home.

Consultant Network

Easily expand your reseller network by training, certifying and nurturing a network of consultants and coaches via automated Consultant Portal.

Client Portal

Provide your clients easy to use, automated single sign-on (SSO) access in order to review, download, email and manage their deliverables and reports.

Automated Deliverables

Adapt, automate and scale your methodologies and processes so you can save time and onboard more clients. Rapidly innovate new services and revenue streams.

Who is it for

Assessment Companies

You can automate your assessments and provide real-time results to clients via Client Portal. You can also expand your offerings with training curriculum and other sophisticated analytics. The international distribution network can be easily managed from one single dashboard.

Training / Coaching

Via Client Portal, your clients can consume any custom tailored program for their employees that was designed based on your IP. Manage and execute online and in-classroom events directly or via your network of consultants with Consultant Portal.

Recruiting Companies

Scale your talent acquisition methodologies & processes in a completely automated platform for all of the stakeholders: hiring managers, candidates, assessment companies. Create and nurture a database of talent that is available real-time for any client engagement.

Case Studies

Power Your Distribution Network

Train, certify and nurture your associates
  • Train and Certify

    Assign curriculum and supported content for consultants/coaches to train on. Once they pass the online test they are certified for that level.

  • Assign Tools

    Once certified, they have access to tools for their level in order to deliver results to clients.

  • Expand Nationally and Internationally

    Divide the world into regions/nations and assign regional and country managers.

  • Track Revenues

    Each event/deliverable is trackable and revenue share provides reporting at certain time intervals.

Increase Your Revenues

Best-In-Class Client Portal

Maximize client engagement and loyalty
  • Automate Deliverables

    With one portal, clients can see real-time data for all of their employees, assessments, performance, and learning. They can export or share their reports.

  • Expand Offerings

    Utilizing an automated platform, you can add offerings and services that your clients can consume via the Client Portal.

  • Manage Analytics and Reporting

    Provide end clients with tools that can help them make smart decisions about their employees. Implementing AI and analytics is easy and your practice will be a long-term partner to your clients.

  • Deploy SSO and Employee Access

    Allow for seamless integration of client’s employees into your portal. Make them feel like home and use only one corporate login.

Automate Your Practice

Your entire order-to-cash process can be automated
  • Automate Processes

    Reduce overhead by automating processes related to client delivery, associates input and any other set of methods and tools needed in order to streamline the entire delivery flow.

  • Sign Client Agreements

    Automate client agreements and other important documents in the cloud. No need for managing paperwork overhead.

  • Ship and Track Products

    If you are managing in-classroom training and need to ship and track your product, our platform allows you to fully automate the process of shipping calculation, tracking and managing orders.

  • Manage Roles and Stakeholders

    Manage events, calendars, clients, employees, news, resources and other materials needed as part of your internal process

Automate your processes

Imagine Oportunities

Create new value across your ecosystem

Mobile Enterprise Grade

Completely scalable, compliant and secure. The entire technology is mobile responsive/adaptive.

Discovery & Diagnostic Tools

Implement any type of assessments, questionnaires or diagnostics tools and serve the clients with reporting and analytics.

Learning & Development

Implement your curriculum or methodology for e-learning along with any processes for journey mapping or online/offline workshops.

Coach / Consultant Management

Globally manage: sales, talent acquisition, certification, revenue share, and reporting.

Financial Management

Manage billing with subscriptions and recurring revenue from clients, commission management and accounting system integration.

Marketing & Social Engagement

Implement digital marketing campaigns utilizing newsletters, content distribution, event management, and social media.

100% Flexibility

Flexible features, process, design and modules. Complete and true flexibility!

Highly Secure

Highest levels of security and privacy insuring all data is safe and secure living on its isolated single-tenant instance/database.


Complete compliance standards. Four ISO certifications for quality as well as SCORM/xAPI compliance. Providing enterprises with the highest level of compliance assurance.

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